Can You Escape Facebook’s Instagram With OpenPhoto? (by @calebhicks)

If you are one of the 59% of users who think that Facebook will ruin the Instagram experience, you may have another option in OpenPhoto.

OpenPhoto was funded through Kickstarter last summer as an open Instagram alternative. You can save pictures to Dropbox and comment, share, or tag them in the iPhone app. All of your photos belong to you, and they’re saved on your Dropbox or Amazon S3 account. You can even install the software on your own web server to host your own photo sharing circle.

The Verge reviewed the project with the recent news of Instagram’s sale, and had the following to say:

Unfortunately, the current version of OpenPhoto feels like it has a long way to go. Aviary on the iPhone includes a set of filters, but the social component that has drawn many people to Instagram seems completely absent so far — there are places for comments and favorites, but there’s no easy way to navigate to another user’s public photos. The iPhone app is well-designed but feels undercooked.

It is still in ‘early adopter’ stage, and doesn’t come highly recommended by The Verge (or me) unless you are simply looking for another way to upload your photos to the cloud. In which case, go download it for iOS, or check out their other offerings on their homepage.

Image source: The Verge

Caleb Hicks

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