Catalog Your Clothing on Your iPhone

For all you avid fashionistas out there, say hello to your new favorite app, Cloth. You will no longer forget which blouse you paired with which skirt, and what shoes and accessories you chose to go with it. Packing for that next vacation trip will never be easier as you browse through your preplanned outfits and pick the perfect ones for each occasion (weather permitting!).

Cloth allows you to snap photos of your favorite outfits, tag them or even make notes and submit them to your Cloth collection to view later. Unlike other clothing organizer apps before, Cloth has no registration or built-in social network required. Photos you take of your clothing are safely saved to the app alone, allowing users to have the option to share their ensembles instead of making it automatic. The app provides the option to cross-post your images to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or to to be featured on the site.

Images can also be assigned to different categories ranging from work out attire to evening clothes. You also have the option to tag your outfits, allowing you to specify each outfit more directly by such things as season, color, or designer. You can go back at anytime and edit your uploads and access them through the thumbnail catalog. Cloth costs $1.99 in the App Store, making this app non-ad-supported. Although it is a few extra dollars, it is money well spent!

Wardrobe Option Example

Status Option Example

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