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The Ultimate Unconventional App Guide for Recent College Grads and New Career Seekers

The Ultimate Unconventional App Guide for Recent College Grads and New Career Seekers

It’s time to suit up and get professional people. Sure you’ve got the degree, but the next steps can be ambiguous without the proper tools to guide and assist you in landing your desired career. There are the common sense apps like LinkedIn that every professional should at least be familiar with, but there are [...]

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Mobile Applications Are Moving in a New Direction: Yours

Many people are wary of allowing their personal whereabouts to be accessed by social media or mobile applications. As technology advances, location-based services (LBS) are becoming more common and popular in the mobile app market, even established apps are finding a way to incorporate the users’ locations into the experience. While some users see this [...]

The Battle of Music Streaming Apps

The Battle of Music Streaming Apps

Rhapsody is an online music streaming service that allows you to play your music, your way. It allows you to build playlists of your favorite artists, genres, and songs or Rhapsody will choose a radio station based on your favorites. Choose from a list of millions of songs including full albums. You can even download [...]

Great Music Festival Apps for 2015

Great Music Festival Apps for 2015

The spring season has officially begun! And we all know what that means: it’s time for the music festivals! I’m sure you can already hear the music thumping in your ears as you wait in anticipation for your favorite festival(s) to arrive… yeah, us too. Music festivals get bigger and bigger every year, attracting hordes [...]

Website vs. Apps? The Great Debate

Website vs. Apps? The Great Debate

There has been great debate regarding the ultimate method to carry out all of your social needs and desires. Luckily for you, we have voluntarily emerged ourselves in apps and websites based on the most popular platforms including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Tumblr. We downloaded the apps and visited the websites in order [...]

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Digital Driver’s Licenses Could Be a Real Thing Next Year

Driver’s licenses are kind of important. They don’t just allow you to operate a half-ton vehicle on public highways going 65 miles an hour. They also let you travel to places you’ve never been; get you into bars with your friends; and are frequently utilized as evidence of your ability to work and exist in [...]


No More Worrying About Appropriate Content – Vine For Kids Has Arrived.

We love our little ones. They are our pride and joy and the reason we work so hard. Right? They are also a little loud sometimes and occasionally difficult to control or get to sit still. It doesn’t make you a bad parent to hand over your phone or tablet every now and then to [...]

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Google Now Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter

It seems Google has realized it can’t do it all (GASP!)—so it’s getting some help from the other useful apps you have on your phone. Google Now is utilizing its feature called “cards” and integrating them with information pulled from other apps you’ve already downloaded. (Want to get Google Now? Download the Google App for [...]


What’s Up with Snapchat’s New Discover feature?

On January 27, I got a message from Snapchat that simply had me go to the App Store to download a new update. I had no idea what I was getting into—or, should I say, what Snapchat was getting into. Turns out, Snapchat has updated its app to include a Discover feature. Team Snapchat says, [...]

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Reading Books On Your Devices, And Which Service is Best For You

Now that we’ve all got tiny computers that we carry around everywhere we go, we’ve now got access to all the information. All of it. Almost all the time. Are we using these little computers to improve our lives and gain knowledge, or just to read about what someone on Facebook made for dinner? Without [...]

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