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[Video] Unboxing and Hands-On with the New Nexus 7

We’ve gotten a lot of questions from you all about the new Nexus 7, and I wanted to be able to answer them first-hand. So, I picked one up to make a few videos and write a comprehensive review. Here’s the first. If there’s anything specific you want to know, ping me on Twitter: @mbchp. [...]


Leap Motion Controller, The Gadget That Allows You To Control Your Mac Or PC With Your Hands, Will Ship In May

I’ve been anxious to get my hands on the Leap Motion controller since I first saw it last May. It brings 3D gesture control to your Mac. Instead of a mouse or other pointing device, you just use your hands. Naturally. If you’ve seen Minority Report, you’ve got a good idea how Leap works. If [...]


The Pebble Smartwatch Everyone Is Talking About

Remember the Pebble? We told you about it last May, when it raised more than $10 million USD on Kickstarter. I backed the project, and have been waiting (and waiting) for it to enter production. Today at CES, the company announced that they’re going to begin shipping the Pebble to Kickstarter backers on January 23, [...]


Hands On: Google Nexus 4 [Photos]

Here’s a look at a device you can’t get for the next 6 – 7 weeks: the Google / LG Nexus 4. Since it was first available, the device has been out of stock, with increasingly lengthy shipping times. I got mine yesterday, and wanted to get some first impressions posted and a few images [...]


Olloclip for iPhone 5 Now Available for Pre-Order

One of my favorite accessories for my iPhone is the Olloclip, an external lens system that gives you three unique perspectives: fisheye, wide angle and macro. When I got rid of my trusty iPhone 4S in September, I missed the Olloclip, since it wouldn’t work with the new, thinner iPhone 5. Today, Olloclip announced their [...]


Shipping Now: iPad mini with LTE

If you’ve been following along the last few weeks, you might remember my last post about the iPad mini with WiFi + Cellular not shipping until November 21, with a delivery date shortly thereafter. It looks like Apple has gotten their inventory in and started shipping a little sooner, because I received the below email [...]


Tiny cameras – super geeky gadget edition.

I’ve considered buying the Chobi Cam One HD a couple times. There is something cool about having a tiny camera that takes decent pictures. This latest marvel out of Japan shoots 720p video, and apparently can take 12 megapixel pictures as well. The One Eye Kun The camera fits in the palm of your hand. [...]

ipad 3 predictions

Last Minute Apple iPad 3 Keynote Predictions

We’re down to the wire here. Time to get our last predictions in. Here’s what I think is going to be announced today: Retina Display Upgrade for the iPad This is a given for this event. Apple has shown a keen interest in bumping up the resolution of their displays across their product line. Their [...]


Privacy Pop is patent pending bedroom tent… like when you were a little kid.

I have absolutely no idea when I would have used this thus far in my life. I do realize that some people have to share a room with others, and would like to keep covered, and private nevertheless. If there ever is a time that I want privacy from other people in my room, I [...]


AquaTek – If you seriously want your iPhone protected like a tank.

A big question for me: Why do you use a case on your device? I write for ZAGG, so you probably could guess that I’m a big invisibleSHIELD user. In fact, every piece of technology I own was wrapped in the protective covering the same minute it was taken out of the box for the [...]

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