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Lamborghini is Making a Flagship Spec’d Smartphone; Low Ballers Need Not Inquire

When it comes to things like this, that old saying rings true: if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it anyway. In fact, we can’t even tell you how much Lamborghini’s new smartphone, dubbed the Tauri 88, will potentially set you back because they haven’t even announced a price [...]


This 16 Year Old New Jersey Kid Made $300k Trading Penny Stocks From His iPhone

This isn’t a how-to guide. In fact, you should probably avoid trying this at home. Stories like Conner Bruggemann’s are the exception, not the norm. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the fun stuff. — You’re 16 years old. You’ve just started your junior year of high school. For the [...]


The Day the Music Died, An Ode to the iPod Classic [Opinion]

As Apple gave life to two new iPhones last month, they also pulled a white sheet over the corpse of another product: the iPod Classic. In its 13 years of life, it became the world’s favorite MP3 player, offering its users storage of up to 160 GB of music in a compact device that fit [...]


The Star Trek Tricorder—In Real Life

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you know the most useful device in the universe is a tricorder. With its ability to scan and tell you the makeup of every object you come in contact with, in addition to its ability to tell you what’s wrong with an injured red shirt, a tricorder is handy, [...]

Apple TV Concept-5-11

These Next-Gen Apple TV Concepts are Gorgeous [Gallery]

My favorite Apple concept designer, Martin Hajek, is at it again. For months now, we’ve heard rumors that Apple will be introducing a new Apple TV set top box later this year, and he’s put his best guesses into what that might look like. We’ve also read reports that Apple has patented a touchscreen remote [...]


This Is The Very First iWatch Concept We Actually Love [Gallery]

We’ve seen plenty of renderings and concepts of what an Apple smartwatch could look like, should it ever be produced. We’ve seen more than a few smartwatches from other manufacturers already make their way to market – the Pebble, the Galaxy Gear, and the Sony SmartWatch – as well as rumors of other major players [...]


Remember What You Studied In Your Sleep

Research suggests that sleep helps solidify our memories, helping facts and figures move from our short-term memory to the long-term memory storage areas in our brains. Now, a company called Sheepdog Sciences, based out of San Francisco, is capitalizing on this knowledge with a wristband that promises to help the memory-producing process along. While the [...]


Tim Cook Promises Big Year For Apple In 2014

Not that we’d expect him to say anything different, but Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a note to employees thanking them for their efforts in 2013 and promising a “big year” in 2014. Obviously, he didn’t give any specific plans or products, but come to think of it, 2013 was a fairly quiet year. The [...]


Find The Perfect Gift For Anybody Using The Verge Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time for the holiday shopping, and all of us have at least one person on our list that gets harder to buy for every year.  I don’t want to give a gift card, I want you to know that I know you!  I want it to be something that you’ll actually use, not just [...]


A $25 Investment in Bitcoin in 2009 Has Made This College Student Over $1 Million

The ebb and flow of the virtual currency called Bitcoin has fascinated me since its inception in 2009. I’ve never bought so much as a fraction of a coin, but I enjoy spectating from the sidelines. As of today, 1 BTC is worth $208 USD. Think about that for a moment. A virtual currency, as [...]

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