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Follow The Bubbles: Will there be a home button on the iPad 3? This analysis says yes

We had some feedback, and I thought it best to respond to you all instead of just to the individual. In the post I included this quick image that I took with my iPhone to make the point that the iPad in the invitation is in portrait: My conclusion was doubted, and I received this [...]


Reading the tea leaves in Apple’s iPad 3 announcement. I see hints!

So. The iPad 3 announcement has been delivered, displayed, and dissected. Are you ready to read the signs? 1 – Retina Display Of course the most obvious fact you glean from the announcement image is the retina display. I mean, the screen is higher resolution than the finger touching it. Apple knew this wasn’t going [...]


How Nintendo Wii Failed To Compete

It’s been about six years since the competition between these three consoles began: Microsoft’s XBOX 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii. With that competition drawing to a close, I think it’s appropriate to review the successes and failures of the Wii and what ultimately made it the least-liked system in America. The first of [...]


TwelveSouth HoverBar is a unique stand – Now you can float your iPad.

Twelve South makes some of my favorite accessories for my iPad. Their latest is one of the coolest products I’ve seen come out from anybody. The stand allows you to prop up your iPad 2 so that it sits in the perfect viewing spot. The hover in Hoverbar The HoverBar is constructed out of flexible [...]


Microsoft vs. Google = You and I win.

Apple and Google are in a pretty obvious war. It seems that little things here and there are popping up, showing that the once sweet partnership is becoming more bitter every day. The interesting role in the story is a third party: Microsoft. Between the recent Googlighting video, and a blog post from Microsoft on [...]


Humanoid Robots – Playing hockey in Canada

The things humanoid robots are doing is consistently impressive. Of course robots like the quadcopters are cool, but it’s the humanoid robots that we are the most interested in. Those robots are well on their way to challenge humans on the soccer field, it was only a matter of time before they strapped on skates [...]


James Bond Cufflinks That Give You Wi-Fi

Okay, we all want to be James Bond sometimes. The biggest reason we want to be like him is because of his gadgets! These cufflinks are like something that would come out of Q’s lab! They are a USB device that also retains a Wi-Fi hot spot capability. This way, if you’re bored in a [...]


The Volkswagen Transporter Luxury Camper Van Is A Marvel Of German Engineering

Talk about living in a van down by the river! This van is all you need if you love to travel on the road! Not only is it completely cozy inside but it can carry up to 1,323 pounds. That’s enough for you and a couple of buddies to live in, if you’re into that [...]

moon colony

The Lifeboat Foundation: Saving Us From Threats Of The Future

The Lifeboat Foundation is a nonprofit nongovernment organization whose sole purpose is to save people from the threats of the future… I’m talking post-apocalyptic future. While I don’t agree on some of the ideas that The Lifeboat Foundation has put out their (i.e. colonies on the moon, asteroid shields etc.) the foundation also has some [...]


The Eco-Friendly Road Light

We’ve all felt it; the wind of a passing car. Some of us have felt it while standing beside the road and others have felt it even inside their own cars. A car, usually larger than your own, will pass you going the opposite direction. The force that this puts off can shake your car. [...]

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