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Not Sure What To Get For Christmas? Giveemthis

‘Tis the season for helping out your neighbors, going a’wassailing, and singing carols by a Christmas fire.  Right?  Alright, most people don’t think of those things first when they think of Christmas.  Nearly everyone probably thinks of gifts when they first hear the word “Christmas”. So, let’s talk about gifts then.  What’s on your list [...]


Tech Gifts By May Simplify You Life… Or Not At All

I’ve given and received some pretty wacky Christmas gifts in my time, but things I find on the internet always seem to outdo me in terms of weirdness.  Consider the iArm Forearm Mount for a moment. Featured on, the iArm is one accessory that you’ll probably be able to live without.  The website claims [...]


A Mere 30%

The rumor mill is humming along with the idea that Apple will someday soon sell a full size television set. I believe the rumor is based on four historical truths. Television is the most expensive product in your living room. Apple likes to sell high priced products with high margin. Television is a terrible mess, [...]


The Most Painful iPad 3 Rumor: It’s Going To Be Thicker

The most painful iPad 3 rumor: it’s going to be thicker. Apple’s iPad 3 is rumored to be slightly thicker than the iPad 2, but will have the same 9.7-inch screen size, and will continue to support the magnetic Smart Cover, according to a new rumors. Apparently, an Asian supplier is offering the rumor up [...]


This Genius Toaster Is Kitchen Gadgetry Heaven (Thanks, Pinterest!)

The other day I was rushing to get ready for work, as always, and was trying to make a quick breakfast for my daughter and I by popping a couple of pieces of bread into our cheap-o toaster.  Apparently, this toaster is ironically not equipped for heat and the little knob that allows you to [...]

Sony’s sweet illusion videos without post production editing

Your about to see some videos made on behalf of Sony Europe by Studio Output and Marshmallow Laser Feast. Projection mapping made this video worth the watch. Sony managed to create some of the most mind-blowing visual illusions you can find anywhere online. Some might call this the realization of a virtual ‘holodeck’. All without [...]


The iPad 3 Rumors Of 2011

The iPad 2 is still doing really well, and it doesn’t seem like any competitor’s products are going to compete with it in the near future. Of course Apple will, as they have in the past, unveil a new product. The iPad 2 announcement came in March of 2011. Even before it was revealed, the [...]


iPad 3 Rumor Mill vs Apple – FIGHT!

A great question was posed by ReadWriteWeb: Does the Apple Rumor Mill Help or Hurt? The definition of ‘hurt’ is important here. You can look at it a few ways: does it hurt the publics view of the final released product? Does it hurt sales? Do normal people think the same way as tech bloggers? [...]


Blogging, Ads, Linkbait, and Pagination Making the Web Unreadable From Big Publishers

Do you believe in evolution? Some sites right now are at a point of becoming unreadable. Some sites are becoming more accessible to their readers. Which do you prefer? Rian van der Merwe writes a great webcolumn, and recently published a commentary on a piece by Brent Simmons (creator of NetNewsWire). Here is a samples [...]


The Atari Flashback 3 Comes With 60 Games Built-In. Yep, Perfect Gift For Yourself

If you’re playing PS3 or Xbox 360 at any level that would make you a ‘gamer’ this probably isn’t for you. It might be, however, if after all that you want something that is a bit more light weight. If you remember Atari, or even if you don’t, this new gadget will give you a [...]

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