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Condiment Gun

Gear Up For Barbecue Season With This Condiment Gun

Now that spring is starting to show it’s lovely sunny face, it can only mean one thing is imminent: barbecue season.  You don’t have to tell us twice to enjoy the weather while it’s not snowing or 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can use this condiment gun to apply your barbecue sauce, ketchup, mustard, or to [...]

Geek Dad

Computer Science Is The Future: Here Are 6 Books To Get Your Toddler Thinking Like A Tech Genius

Children seem to be born with a natural ability to handle technology.  My 18-month old son is better at swiping the screen of my iPhone then my father.  It only makes sense that coding and gadgets should be a fully incorporated aspect of their education. Here are 6 books to start your baby on their [...]

PS3 Rug

5 Video Game Rugs To Dress Up Your Game Room

If you’re looking to redo your game room, these five video game rugs should do the trick. Nintendo Controller Rug, $59, Source Raccoon Mario Rug, Crafster Zelda Rug, SpriteStitch Pacman Rug, Source PS3 Rug, Source __ Alison J. Herzog is an eater, shopper, traveler, and most of all, a proud mama to Baby Zog. She [...]

Star Wars Origami

5 Children’s Books For Star Wars Lovers To Read To Kids

If ever you hoped to raise a child that speaks Wookiee and understands the force, you’ll want to start ‘em young.  These 5 books will help you to nab them with material that is a little more age appropriate and interactive. Darth Vader And Son Vader’s Little Princess How To Speak Wookiee Star Wars Mad [...]


Unique iOS 7 Concept Video

I’ll go ahead and say what a lot of you have been thinking; iOS has gotten stale. No doubt, it’s still incredible in all it does. But it’s also remained largely unchanged for a while. Most updates these days are minor feature enhancements, not major upgrades. And that’s to be expected, really, considering how far [...]


7 More Geeked Out Onesies You Need

Because you can never have enough onesies (something along the lines of babies create an exponential curve in relation to laundry?), we present you with part deux of geeked out baby onesies. You can see the original geeked out onesies, here. Source: viaDarshana on Pinterest _ Source: viaAmber on Pinterest _ Source: [...]


Under Armour Thinks Touchscreen Clothing Is The Next Big Thing

In the fitness world today, devices that collect performance data and give feedback to users are all the rage. Products like the Nike+ FuelBand, Fitbit, and Jawbone UP are becoming more and more popular as people look to measure and quantify their efforts during exercise. A concept video from athletic apparel maker Under Armour shows [...]


This Gigantic Scrabble Board Rug Is The Ultimate Way To Detox From Words With Friends

When it comes to games on mobile phones, the popularity of the “hottest game” at any given time ebbs and flows. Angry Birds. Draw Something. Songpop. Ruzzle. For a couple years now, Words With Friends, the wordplay Scrabble knockoff, has remained consistently popular and visible in the hands of many a player on busses and [...]


Three Cars At The Geneva Motor Show That Cost Over $1 Million

The 83rd Geneva Motor Show kicks off later this week in Geneva, Switzerland. With it, automakers from around the world will unleash their biggest, best and fastest vehicles for the coming year. Some are extremely limited production, while others will be available for the masses. It’s probably safe to say you won’t be seeing these [...]


Kickstarter Project To Build A Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Has Raised Almost Half A Million Dollars

We already know the cost to build a real-life Death Star is $852 quadrillion dollars. But what about a single X-Wing Fighter? A paltry $11 million, according to this Kickstarter project. Clearly, it’s a joke (they even say so), just like the Death Star project that came before it. But hey, a Star Wars fan [...]

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