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What’s Next In The World Of Technology?

I love technology. It does so many great things, from being able to read a book anywhere, to finding where you are when your atlas is wrong, to buying movie tickets on your way to the movie. I’m fascinated by how much technology has grown; especially in the last few years. I never would’ve imagined [...]


Awesome and Lame Zelda Bosses

Okay, I feel like I write about video games too often, but this is a tech blog and “tech” is a huge category, so I’m going to write more about games!  One of my favorite games of all time (and one that has been voted in the top 10 for best video game of all [...]


Tech Secrets of Disneyland

I recently returned from a trip to Disneyland and had a lot of fun, as I always do there.  Disneyland used to be so amazing to me when I was a kid; I thought the animatronics were real people, especially on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  This got me thinking about the technology involved [...]


How Do You Watch Netflix?

The greatest thing about Netflix (in my opinion) is not necessarily the DVDs you can have sent to your door or the movies that are available to watch instantly (though those are both great), but the TV shows and seasons available to watch.  This is, admittedly, the main reason I got into Netflix in the [...]


What Commercials Make You Vomit?

Lately I’ve been at home on a bit of a summer break.  Admittedly I’ve been pretty bored and have been reduced to watching daytime television with my grandma.  I forgot how horrible the commercials are during the day.  My grandma is in to game shows, like The Price is Right, etc., and I like these [...]


I Hate 3-D Movies

To quote Roger Ebert, “3-D is a waste of a perfectly good dimension.” I have to agree. Why is Hollywood trying to force this monstrosity upon us? It doesn’t add anything to our movie experience, unless you count a few extra bucks and some annoying glasses. My biggest gripe with 3-D is that it washes [...]


Virgin Galactic’s “Enterprise” Highlights a Key Difference Between Men and Women

Maybe my title is a bit overreaching. The difference may not be that key, and it may only be between me and wife (and the few other women with whom I’ve had conversations about stuff like this). But the difference is this: to me, space flight is awesome; to them, it’s more … ho-hum. A [...]

ikoo scooter

Tasty Tech Tuesday: Personal Transporter Edition

I am a walker. Meaning that if I can walk there I will. I mean relatively close distances of course, I’m not going to walk 40 blocks.  With that being said I really wish I had something to aid in zipping around the city when I am feeling lazy. So in the celebration of it being [...]


5 Brilliant, Yet Simple Gadgets – Check Them Out

Don’t you love when a new product comes out that makes big money, and all you can think is “why didn’t I think of that?” Well, here’s 5 more gadgets to make you think that again. These 5 simple, yet amazing gadgets, were invented by engineers, moms, and even kids. It’s hard to believe that [...]


What’s your relationship status? Bummp helps you share it

Facebook has over 600 million users; but with all the information online and everybody’s privacy settings, how are you to know if that cute girl or handsome guy is single, married, or in an open relationship? True, you could just suck it up, walk up to the person and ask what their relationship status; but [...]

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