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Built-in Chrome Gmail Notifications

I love Gmail, and almost anything related to Google. So it was a big deal for me when Google introduced the Gmail notifications earlier this week. If you are like me you check your inboxes probably every ten minutes, and there is nothing wrong with that. But with these new notifications you will no longer need [...]


Spotify: A second Revolution may be needed soon

Okay. We won the Revolutionary War, we got the Beatles (even on iTunes) and now if we could just pry the stellar free streaming music service, Spotify, from the British’s hands, we’d be able to continue to assert our independence over our friends across the Atlantic. To be honest, it most likely doesn’t have anything [...]

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Funding for Cheezburger?

It was just announced that the Cheezburger network raised over 30 million in funding recently. I can haz some millions? Total geek joke. Getting back to the point, the small network of 50 million has done it rounds and wrapped up a of total 32.5 Million dollars in funding from Foundry Group with Madrona Venture Group, Avalon [...]


Namaste ZAGG

In a society where multitasking is instilled on us, it’s hard to just sit still. Do you think you can do nothing for the next 2 minutes? If you think you can, head on over to and try. Now I encourage everyone to head over to the page for 120 seconds of Om. Enjoy the [...]

white iPhone rumors

White iPhone Time?

It has been rumored as much as Brett Favre retiring, but there seems to be whispers from various sources that the pristinely-white iPhone 4 may be landing in our dirty hands in the coming weeks. Sure we’ve heard the rumors before, but this is feeling like the real thing. The phone has shown up within [...]


New Way to View 3D

3D movies and games have become popular in the last few years and it seems that 3D is becoming more popular than ever.  But up until now, in order to enjoy the 3D experience, you had to wear special glasses that made the images pop out at you.  Well, that’s still how it is, but [...]


MacBook Air: The Perfect Writer’s Tool

Throughout history, mankind has devised various ways and means whereby they might compose their thoughts, feelings, historical records, etc.  The Egyptians used to write on papyrus scrolls.  Medieval monks would write in huge tomes.  Later it was the typewriter.  Today, it is the computer; not the desktop computer so much as the laptop computer.  And [...]



Remember when the Sony PSP came out like…forever ago?  Well the sony PSP2 is likely to be announced at the end of this month (January) and is expected to make some pretty big waves.  With Nintendo’s new DS launching in March and Apple’s increasingly popular game apps, Sony has realized that it needs to get [...]


Android OS Vs. iPhone

There is a lot of controversy and competition surrounding the iPhone and the Android phones, so I thought I would take some time to write about some of the key differences between the two.  Each of these differences can be interpreted as bad or good for either the iPhone or the Android –either way, it [...]


The TRYX on you.

After breaking two cameras last year its time to buy a new one. After stalking CES 2011, I finally found a camera that looked relatively easy to use and super WACK in features and capabilities. Introducing the Casio TRYX, a camera that is a must have for photographers out there looking for a fun alternative [...]

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