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Awesome iPhone Concept: Expandable app icons

Max Rudberg has merged the concept of the living home screens of Windows Phone and Android with the iPhone to create a very interesting take on expandable app icons in iOS. Max’s description of the idea’s overall functionality is both efficient and space saving: In this concept, an app icon can be resized from 1×1 [...]

The Only Downside to the iPhone 5

The Only Downside to the iPhone 5

We can only hope Apple is waiting to release this feature in their next update. Image source: Twitter


The NES Toaster For Nintendo Fans Everywhere

This is a 3D rendering of a possible product. After all, a real toaster would melt the sides of the NES in a few seconds flat. Wouldn’t it? If this were real, I’d be picking one up for my office in an instant. My only question: do you have to blow on the toast a [...]

National S’mores Day

Happy National S’mores Day!

We’ll be eating lots and lots of S’mores today. We hope you do too!


Tactus Techology can give your favorite touchscreen buttons (via @jkhowland)

Elegance meet aesthetics ‘For years people believed that touch screens were flat. They were wrong’. At SID Display Week 2012 in Boston this week, Tactus Technology is showing off its next-gen mobile tactile tech. The technology idea is simple: physical buttons rise out of the surface of a touchscreen. The future of touch I’ve read [...]


Simple hack to turn your Apple TV into an NES console (via @jkhowland)

The Apple TV design is sleek and simple. It’s so nice, that other tech companies can’t help but rip it off. The design is meant to be understated. Hide it, or show it off? If you want to hide the devices connected to the TV, there is no better design than Apple’s. If however, you [...]


A Look At Google Glasses’ Video Capabilities

By now you’ve likely heard of Google Glasses, but if you haven’t, here’s a quick rundown of what they are.  These futuristic-looking and wearable eyeglasses will enable you to see things the way Google would have you see things.  In other words, the glasses can take pictures and video, they enable you to look at [...]


For $558 This Gadget Blasts Stinky Ions And Keeps Clothes Fresh

You can certainly try to mask the any odors that might be found in your closet. Some people try leaving a box of soap open, or spraying their clothes with cologne (like Abercrombie in stores). Living in Japan While I was in Japan it was hard to keep clothes in the closet fresh. The humidity [...]


I Have iPhone Fatigue

The title says it all.  I just don’t use my iPhone as much as I used to.  It’s not that it’s any less cool, but I think the novelty of it has worn off for me somewhat.  When I first got my iPhone 4 (just over a year ago), I was in love.  I felt [...]


What Android can learn from iCloud backups

I have used and owned many different gadgets over the years. Recently, many companies are boasting their ability to sync with online data services (the cloud) and connect and backup your information effortlessly so that you don’t need to worry about. Currently I own a Android phone and have been using an iPad. Here is [...]

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