CES 2012: Tour of the ZAGG booth

CES certainly has been an amazing show this year. From OLED TV’s to wearable computers it has been very impressive. A must see stop is our 2500+ square foot ZAGG booth that has plenty of products on display and even a retail store. If you weren’t able to make it to CES we have provided a tour of the booth for your viewing pleasure.

Going through the booth shows how great our fans are and how we have been able to expand with your support. First we look over the keyboards such as the ZAGG folio and the new ZAGGkeys.

This year we announced ZAGG cases and a new ZAGGsparq Case for iPhone. Don’t miss our iFrogz case and audio display. We also have our ZAGGsparq and dual usb charger

We then get a quick glimpse of the new HzO product that allows for your gadgets to stay protected under the water. We then pass the ZAGG foam and ZAGGwipes that keep your gadgets clean and shiny.

There is no better way to personalize your gadgets like ZAGGskins. Expanding from our outstanding smartbuds audio we announced the ZAGG premium headphones that bring superior sound and style to your life.

Of course we all know that it would not be complete without a display of the invisbleSHIELD which was the original product that brought ZAGG this far. Before you head on to the next booth make sure you drop by the retail store. There is no reason to go another day without protecting those valuable gadgets.

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