Channel Your Inner 90s Teen With This Modern Mixtape

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

What do you get when you cross budding romance, music, and the 90′s? A mixtape, of course.

In the age of the Spotify playlist, it seems that mixtapes are a thing of the past. If you’re yearning to go back to the days where the tape reigned supreme, look no further than the Milktape. The Milktape is a USB cassette tape that’s reviving the romantic gesture of days past. A USB drive is hidden in a cassette case. It has a 128 MB capacity, meaning the “tape” can hold about 15 songs. Using the Milktape is simple; you simply drag files from your computer onto the drive, eject, and top it off by decorating it; it’s a blank canvas ready for your customization! They cost $15 and can be purchased here.

I think I’ll be using this as a quirky Valentine’s gift in the future. What kind of playlist would you make?

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