Charge your cell phone once every 15 years?

One of the biggest gripes people have with their cell phones is short battery life. Smartphones especially are notorious for quickly draining the battery, often needing to be charged before the day is even done. You’d think with all the amazing advances in technology lately that someone could come up with a battery that would last much longer, but for now it seems we are eternally tethered to our power cords.

The SpareOne cell phone garnered some buzz at CES 2012 for its ability to last 15 years on a single AA battery. 15 years!  Right now I’d be happy if my phone kept going strong for 15 hours. The catch? The SpareOne reverts back to the days when a phone was just, well, a phone. No flashy screen or Internet access or music or anything like that. Just the simple ability to make and receive phone calls.

The phone really is ultimately best suited for emergency situations. It is a perfect phone to stow away in your car or in an emergency 72-hour kit. When disaster strikes, chances are you won’t have an active power outlet available to charge your smartphone, and it’s important to be able to maintain communication. The phone also has a built-in flashlight, making it a valuable tool in more than one way. It’s simple and small and can be easily stored, and all it requires is a SIM card and a battery and you’re ready to go.

Rumor has it the phone will go on sale sometime early this year and only cost about $50, but no word yet on where it can be purchased.

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