Chart: The Cost Of Owning An iPhone 5 On Each Of The Four Carriers

Now that T-Mobile has joined the other three national carriers in its ability to offer the iPhone, I thought I’d do some quick math to figure out the cost of owning an iPhone 5 (for two years) for each of them. What you’ll see below probably won’t come as a surprise to you if you know much about the wireless industry here in the U.S.

Just some background info on the data I compiled:

- I used the current pricing for Verizon and AT&T from their Share Everything / Mobile Share plans, figured on only having one line on the account.

- Sprint doesn’t offer a tiered data plan option; only unlimited, which is why you only see that plan listed below.

- T-Mobile offers three tiers of data; 500MB, 2GB and unlimited. I listed the cost for unlimited, but gave the deduction amount ($240 over two years) if you wanted to figure the cost based on a 2GB plan.

Now certainly, when you’re choosing a wireless carrier, there’s more to consider than JUST price. If you only looked at this chart to decide, you’d most likely choose T-Mobile, just for the fact that it’ll cost you the least in a two-year period. What you’d be missing, though, is the coverage, data speeds and other perks of each carrier. I’ll do a follow-up post to this one later this week to take a closer look at coverage and data speeds you can expect from each carrier.


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