Check Out This: iPhone 5 Rumor Summary Infographic

Zagg Blog writers are always watching tech news. Combined, it seems like we read and re-read every rumor – especially iPhone 5 rumors. In the few months before any Apple product launch, there is an internet explosion of speculation and predictions about the device.

It can be fun to see all the rumors. The iPhone is a device that seems to be touching on the fringe of our imagination of what we hope and believe technology can do. We dream for the announcement – coming October 4th.

As we saw yesterday, the life of an Apple rumor also usually falls into a few of the same categories and follows the same kind of life cycle, so they can get a bit boring after a while.

If you haven’t been following the life cycle of iPhone 5 rumors, from June of 2010 until now, there’s a lot you have missed. We rounded some up last month, but the good people over at AllAreaCodes have created a very informative infographic. Looking at pictures is always more fun than reading, right? Whether you prefer picture books to books with more words than pictures, this infographic will help you understand where we’ve been in the last 16 months.

With “Fact,” “Rumor,” and “Correction,” categorizations, AllAreaCodes is hoping the infographic will help you “separate the fact from the fiction.”

What do you think about the infographic? Does this help make any sense of the hundreds of rumors you’ve seen in the past year, or is it ugly and complicated?

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