Children, The Most Tech-savvy of All

I’ve always thought it was funny how there are a lot of older people who do not want to bother with computers or “new-fangled” technology.  Rather, they just let their children or grandchildren figure out the technology things for them.  Recent studies suggest that this pattern of youth being more tech savvy then the older generations is not about to change any time soon.

A report released on Monday by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center and Sesame Workshop stated that 80% of children from ages 0-5 use the internet on at least a weekly basis.  That seems pretty staggering; I remember when Al Gore invented the internet and e-mail was this really cool new thing.  Now the internet is just a part of life for kids.

This same report suggested that a child’s TV consumption may be related to their internet usage, since about 36% of children use both mediums simultaneously.  The amount of TV consumption still trumps internet usage (47% of a child’s media consumption is TV), but use of the internet is steadily growing for young children, especially where online video content is concerned.

None of these statistics answer the question as to whether or not all of this media consumption is good for children, but according to the report, the time spent reading books has stayed steady throughout the years, so that is hopeful.


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  • Beblieux

    So true. I just let my kids figure it out for me. The “texting generation” has left me behind and that’s okay. People my age who text actually seem very immature to me, like they’re trying to be young, hip, and cool.

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