Chinese form mobs, throw eggs after being denied iPhone 4S

How badly do you want to get your hands on the newest version of the iPhone? A lot of people here in the U.S. are willing to camp out overnight just for the sake of being one of the very first with that shiny new product, but would you want it badly enough to risk getting arrested?

The people of China finally got the chance to purchase the iPhone 4S at Apple stores across their country, with hordes waiting in line overnight anxious to cough up $790 U.S. dollars to get their very own. Many that were waiting outside the stores were scalpers looking to buy and re-sell for a profit.  Some time during the wee hours of the morning scuffles broke out between rival scalper groups and then between scalpers and police.  To avoid further violence, the Apple store issued a statement 15 minutes after the scheduled opening that they would not be opening or selling any iPhones that day.

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Instead of promoting peace among those waiting outside, the crowd got angry.  Understandably, considering they’d been waiting in subzero temperatures for hours.  Suddenly the crowd turned into an angry mob and eggs (which were hastily procured after the announcement) began flying at the glass walls of the Apple store. Apple security guards tried to contain the mob, but were instead beaten and chased away. Police officers were finally able to contain the rowdy group, but all Apple stores within Beijing and Shanghai remained closed in light of the violence.

The moral of the story? Never come between a fanboy and an Apple product. However, I guess Apple sure showed them by shutting down all the stores too…

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