Chirpify: Exploring Twitter Commerce

Twitter recently took a new turn through Chirpify, a Portland, Oregon startup company looking to use the exploding network as a commerce platform. Chirpify unveiled its all-in-one tool last week, that allows users to monetize their tweets by tapping into PayPal.

Chirpify can be used in three different ways; through Chirpify Commerce which focuses on brands, Chirpify Payments which focuses on peer-to-peer transactions and Chirpify Donations which allows users to make charitable donations to organizations looking to raise funds.

The commerce aspect works by allowing brands with followings on Twitter to connect their PayPal business accounts to Chirpify and tweet out items for sale. Followers can purchase items fairly easily, by replying with tweets after connecting their personal PayPal accounts to Chirpify. Chirpify in turn takes 4 percent of transactions from recipients who use the free account, or only 2 percent if they purchase the $49 monthly fee.

The new selling platform will hopefully bring much wanted business to many name brands and create a more innovative way to get products out there. Being able to sell directly through Twitter will allow these brands to get their advertising messages through a major networking channel, as well as push business and motivate impulse buying.

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