Chrome 18 leads the browser world. Why?

Pingdom Report

Internet monitoring firm Pingdom on Monday released a new report on global browser share. They have some awesome, and interesting data

There are two ways to look at this:

The company found Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 to be the most popular browser in North America with a 21.2% share, and it was closely followed by Google Chrome 18 at 20.2%.

So we can look at individual versions of browsers and the share that they have in the market. Google Chrome 18 pummeled the other browser versions worldwide with 25.6% marketshare.

Microsoft’s browser has the largest worldwide market share when all versions are combined, followed by Chrome and then Firefox.

We could also look at the combined share of all versions of a browser for a more realistic view of ‘market share’. While Chrome has a unique position with signficant usage in it’s most recent version, it still isn’t the market leader when looking at all app versions.

Is it Chrome users? Or is it Chrome?

It’s not the users. Actually, Chrome just keeps itself up-to-date.

If you don’t want Google to update automatically and your on Windows go ahead and try to disable it, if you’re on Mac, you’ll need to use Terminal:

To disable Google Software Update from checking for updates, execute the following in the Terminal application:
$ defaults write checkInterval 0

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying you shouldn’t keep your browser up-to-date, I’m only stating the fact that Google Chrome has such powerful version based marketshare because it forces users to update. Updates aren’t disabled on my computer.

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