The Battle of the Behemoths: Call of Duty v. Battlefield

The real battle is in the gaming world this winter, between Call of Duty and Battlefield. Call of Duty has ruled the gaming industry since 2008, making a billion dollars a year for its publisher Activision. They have sold 20 million copies at a time and claimed the lead with every version they have put out since Modern Warfare’s first release. Battlefield on the other hand, is the well versed claimant with its huge successes for Dice and EA on the PC platform and now its high ranking console spot.

Both franchises have been around for years, producing first person shooters with different titles focusing on different battle eras. With the recent releases of both MW3 and BF3, one of the biggest battles for shares of games sold has been triggered, with MW3 winning in overall number of sales (by a land slide mind you). Most of the gripe has come from EA’s determination to compete with Call of Duty at its own game. Despite this factor, Battlefield scores have been widely favored in reviews and are causing some loyal Call of Duty fans to question.

Both games work very differently and have different aims. Battlefield 3 has extensive, tactical warzones that are absolutely riveting and visually impressive where as Modern Warfare 3 offers those instant thrills and simple logic of great arcade shooters. But it all depends on the player preference, making it impossible to predict which will win in this exceptional battle.

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