Coming Soon: Sensors That Allow You To Measure Anything

A team of three amazingly smart geeks (and I mean that in the highest sense of the word) have teamed up to create a multi-sensor device that interfaces with your Android and iPhone. It’s called the Sensordrone.

What’s that mean in english? You can measure temperature, humidity and a host of other things on your smartphone. It’s pretty amazing.

The short list they give that you can detect with their sensor is:

3 gas sensors
Infrared thermometer (to measure things like the temperature of your coffee)
A capacitance sensor
And it’s even expandable, so you can attach your own sensors to feed into your phone, for things like soil and water sensors, or even radiation.

The iPhone brought software apps of any kind into just one device. This hardware takes that and does one better by integrating multiple sensors into one place. While each type of sensor can be purchased separately like normal hardware currently, this allows you to just buy one device and run many sensors, all through your phone.

While who knows is this will grow into an actual business for them (I believe that’s their goal) it’s hard not to see how this will eventually be a business for someone. Our phones are becoming the center of lives. As small computers that we carry with us at all times, we can use them to compute and process anything we want, on demand. At least that’s where we’re going.

It’s not a stretch to say that one day they’ll be embedded in us, they won’t be called phone, and we’ll be able to use computers for more things than right now we can even imagine.

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