Computers, what is your preference?

From the very first Mac and PC the computer has evolved greatly over the years. Some of the computer industry is evolving so fast that it is even confusing its consumer. Last week I heard someone say to a friend, “Have you seen the new Chromebooks? They are like an iPad but they run Google Chrome and have a keyboard.” I thought to myself, you mean it is like a laptop but it just runs Google Chrome. And that is what sparked the idea for this post, let’s take a look at the different options that you have to do your daily computing.

Desktop: The desktop is the oldest form of a computer. It consists of a main computer that houses all of the technical components with an attached monitor, mouse, and keyboard. iMacs and other all-in-one computers are becoming much more popular where the computer components and monitor are all in one. Some of the benefits of a desktop is you can customize your own keyboard, mouse, monitor, and upgrade hardware without having to buy a new computer.

Laptop: A laptop is a portable computer that allows you to take it anywhere so you can use it on the go. It has a monitor with a keyboard, trackpad, and hardware all built in one. The monitor and keyboard usually fold together. This is the main computer that many use on a day to day basis.  Benefits of a laptop is you can use it anywhere had have the full computing power of a desktop. Some of the best places to use it is on your lap, therefore the name laptop.

Tablet: Over the last two years tablets have become the on the go device of choice for many. I refer to a tablet as any device that is larger than 7″ and has a full touch screen color interface without an attached keyboard. Tablets are very useful for playing games, viewing media, using applications, and browsing the web on the go. The tablet does not need any other type of hardware to input information but many manufactures are creating accessories to allow users to input information more like a laptop.

Chromebook: This year Google released the Chromebook. The Chromebook is different from the desktop and laptop as it only access’s the web to be fully functional. The Chromebook runs Chrome OS which is an operating system based on the Chrome browser. Through different web services all you documents are backed up online through Google Docs or other various sites. Google has a Web App Store that is a resource to find many web services to complete all you need to do.

Lapdock: Motorola introduced the lapdock and is just about the only one that is pushing it. A lapdock is really just a monitor and a keyboard with no internal hardware. The hardware comes from the use of a smartphone. Once you connect the smartphone you then have a fully functioning computer. You are able to see your phones screen as well as use multiple applications at the same time. I can see these getting more popular as smartphones get more advanced. There is another installment of this called the Padfone by Asus. The Padfone is a tablet that has a kangaroo pouch on the back for you to put your phone in. This enables your phone to charge from the tablet and also gives the tablet a 3G internet connection from your smarphone.

I feel that manufacturers are doing a great job at giving the consumers what they want. Some of these models we still have because that is the way it has always been done. I find it exciting that we are innovating on the way the we use computers. I am a fan of the desktop and tablet form factors for doing what I need to do. Will some of these innovations be enticing enough to make you try something different?

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