Congress Gets “Friended” on Facebook

As per my last blog post about how Facebook rules the world, Congress is entering into the modern world by broadcasting its opening session via Facebook. This opening session marks the change in control of the House from the Democrats to the Republicans. The new speaker of the House, Republican senator John Boehner (allow for a short chuckle at his last name) is the one who spearheaded the event. The Republicans are carrying in with them a surge of political momentum, and this Facebook event seems to want to carry on with that.

Those interested in actually witnessing the first session of the House of Representatives need to only direct themselves to the “Pledge to America” page on Facebook. While CNN generally covers all of the House and Senate events, this will be the first time that a social networking site has ever been used to broadcast a session.

Facebook as a means for politics is a shift in the political landscape. After Barack Obama had such a high successful grass-roots campaign based heavily in technology, it seems that online is the new “battlefield” of politics. Americans get a large portion of their political information via web, and now Facebook has entered into the fray.

At the very least I will log in for a little bit tomorrow to watch on Facebook, if only because it is something new and different. It should be interesting though to see if they add any theatrics to make it more entertaining for the younger Facebook audience. Interesting to both parties also will be the viewer numbers generated by this new medium.

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