Contra, The Hit Nintendo Game, Is Now Available For iOS

Contra is back! Konami released Contra: Evolution [iPhone App] [iPad App], an updated homage to the 1988 Nintendo smash hit. The game layout is practically the same, but the graphics have been upgraded to the 21st century style we’ve become so spoiled with.

After playing it for a few minutes, you will realize that it’s hard, just like the original. The app description even claims it’s “one of the hardest games ever.” Unfortunately, in this release, there’s no Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-Start cheat code to get you those 99 lives. Where’s a Nintendo Power magazine when you need one?

There are some new features that you don’t find in the original version. First, you can select Arcade Mode or Mission Mode, each entertaining different challenges. Next you can select the difficulty. I haven’t even dare try Hard yet.

Two new characters have been added, as well. You no longer have to dominate the jungles of South America  against aliens with a sweaty, mercenary army man. There are female characters now too!

To control your character, you use touch screen buttons, which you can have stay put or move with your thumb movements. They’re not the easiest controls to get used to. So instead of getting frustrated as you get used to the gameplay, enjoy the nostalgic music, original gun options, and blasting as many bad guys as you can before you take a shiny, blue bullet to the chest. They have added a few more gun options, like heat seeking missiles. The “Spread” gun was always my favorite.

All in all, it’s a really fun game. The gameplay isn’t the most innovative, but it’s a stroll down memory lane, at least. That is, if memory lane consists of infiltrating an alien hide out in a jungle, entering the mouth of a giant worm, thing, and destroying it’s heart to blow up an island as you lift off in a chopper.

[iPhone App] [iPad App]

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  • Rene Padia-Caparros

    It wasn’t 99 lives…it was 30 lives. Get your facts straight.

    • Tim Sessions

      Oops, my bad. Thanks for being on top of things.

    • DEL_i2i

      no 99 lives for sure get your facts right before you go on site trying to act like a know it all

      • Rene Padia-Caparros

        Sorry, troll. Why don’t you do the research first and look it up before you try acting like a know-it-all, yourself? There’s this thing called Google for people too young to actually have played this game on the NES and let alone, use the code. I assume you fall into that category. It may have given you 99 lives in another Konami game, but the article is specifically about Contra.