Control Your Computer With the LogMeIn iPad App

LogMeIn offers a free service that allows you to take control of your computer from other computers that have the internet. Once you set up a free account you then install the plugin on the computer that you would like to control. This can be helpful for those that like to help family and friends with computer problems but are not always close by.

LogMeIn has now released a free iPad and iPhone app that allows you to fully control your registered computers from the app. It uses many multitouch functions to make it really easy to use the app without having a full computer or mouse to control it with.

After using the app to do some heavy computing I was pretty impressed with the way that it worked. As shown on the picture to the left the app gives you a little mouse that has a pointer. You can either just click on the part of the screen you want to select or you can drag the mouse around and then use the right and left click as you would a real mouse.

They have added many settings which allow you to customize the way things work to your liking. One computer that I use has two monitors and it was really nice to be able to transition easily between the two of them. One more option that is really nice is being able to change the display settings if you are on a slow connection so that you can have a better experience with full functionality.

Now that the free version is available the previous Ignition app has moved from the price of $29.99 to $99.99. This version offers additional features such as HD video and sound streaming from your mobile device to your device to a remote computer and My Cloud Bank integration that links Ignition with popular cloud services.

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Create your free account: LogMeIn

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