Cool stuff at CES 2012: Cubify’s 3D printer takes 3D printing to your home.

Yep. These were shoes were printed with a 3D printer by Cubify.

3D printers have done some pretty awesome things since 2003.

For example, 3D printers helped create 3D chocolate treats and the throwable 360º panorama ball.

Print at home or have it delivered

You can get the Cube 3D printer for $1,299.

If that’s too much for you, upload your design and have the finished product delivered to your door with Cubify’s Cloud print.

Here’s the Cube 3D printer at work:

Designers can make money by sharing their 3D designs.

Currently, over 400 models are being shared on the cubify website.

You do have to pay to use a model, but the price is worth it. I’d rather pay $5 for a model than spend an hour designing it myself

3D printing lets people be very creative in their designs.

Let us know if you make any awesome 3D designs with Cubify!

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