Cool Stuff at CES 2012: custom-made earbuds in a flash

We all love being able to listen to our music on the go or watch our YouTube videos discreetly at our desks, but for some of us those earbuds don’t quite fit right.  The alternative is wearing big old headphones, but those aren’t always the most convenient either. What’s a set of ears to do?

A device at CES 2012 will allow you to make your own custom fit earbuds in only 5 minutes, without fancy measurements and the custom pricetag.  Simply put on the goofy headset and put the soon-to-be complete earbuds in your ear.  Each side of the headset is filled with silicone that will begin to inflate a little balloon-type device, forming custom made earbuds as the silicone-filled balloon forms to your unique ear canal. The silicone only takes about 5 minutes to set, and then they’re ready for use! Easy peasy.

If that explanation doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, check out this little video instead:

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