Cool Stuff at CES 2012: Dot records 360-degree videos with the iPhone

The Dot by Kogeto lets you record panoramic videos on your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Viewing & Sharing

What good is panoramic video if you can’t watch it with your friends?

You can view and share the videos in Kogeto’s app, called Looker.

Looker lets you share your video by email, facebook, twitter, or on a special section of Kogeto’s website called Dotspots.

Sample panoramic videos

Check out some of the panoramic videos on Dotspots.


One family was nice enough to share their family dinner. It was fun to follow who was speaking. Wouldn’t it be cool if the video automatically did that?

(See also: Swivl: the revolutionary camera mount that follows you)

This is great for making videos just for fun. Indie cinematographers will love this.

About Dot

The dot originated as a Kickstarter project. It was so successful that it raised over $120,000 in funding – 6 times its goal.

This iPhone 4S accessory is available on Amazon and the Kogeto website for $79 in black, green, pink, and red.

If that’s you don’t have one, Kogeto also sells a full-out panorama called the Lucy Production Kit for $4,999.

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