Cool Stuff at CES 2012: Hands-on 3M’s multi-touch screens

3M is all about “Enabling Your Multi-Touch Experience.” Multitouch isn’t just for weathermen and newscasters.

You thought it was fun to pinch and zoom on your iPhone, try doing it on a 40-inch screen.

We did.

Most touch screen demos include some sort of photo box. In addition to the intuitive touch controls, a radial menu gives you more options when you double-tap the screen.

Another 3M demo lets you interact with a floating stream of photos, videos, and websites. This allows you to browse the web and interact with content instead of just watching a photo slideshow or rss feed. You can also type with a pop-up keyboard.

Multi-touch at CES

Multiple companies have multi-touch displays at CES. Microsoft and Intel are demonstrating touchscreens as well, and 3M also has a 46-inch multi-touch table targeted at businesses.

This display aims to contribute to “Immersive Multi-user Collaboration” instead of just presentation. Can you imagine working on a team project on one of these?

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