Cool Stuff at CES 2012: XShot makes MySpace pics done right.

The XShot 2.0 is a unique camera mount that makes self-portraits actually look good.

Instead of holding the camera at arms length, you can hold it farther away from your faces. Instead of two or three faces squished together, you and your friends can get everything you want in the frame.

The XShot 2.0 extends up to 37″ (94 cm) and collapses to 9″ (22.9 cm).

This makes the extender ideal for traveling, especially if there’s nobody around to take your picture.

Use with smartphones, too

Want to use this with your phone? XShot sells an iPhone 4 case that connects to the XShot 2.0′s universal tripod adapter. If it can connect to a tripod, it can connect to the XShot.

The XShot 2.0 is not made to support DSLR cameras, however. The max supported weight is 1.25 lbs (570 g).

The XShot 2.0 sells for $29.95.

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