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Posts to Craigslist can already be an entertaining source for all things randomness and hilarity. “Free cello” or “the world’s most uncomfortable saddle” anyone? Well, combine that humor fodder with a film documentary crew and you’ve got yourself some good ol’ fashioned multimedia content. That’s at least the idea behind Craigslist TV, a combined effort of and Brownstone Entertainment.

If you aren’t familiar with Craigslist, (maybe there are people out there that haven’t heard of it, okay?) its basically a HUGE virtual message board and classifieds section with sub sites in individual areas. For example, if you live in Denver, you could check out and see postings from your fair neighbors and friends for things to sell, buy, jobs, and random encounters.

With this freedom of free, and quite painless posting comes an onslaught of some pretty interesting characters. Craigslist TV’s goal is to capture that and make a moving picture episode of it. According to

“By choosing an opt-in button when posting on Craigslist, these users’ real postings (approximately a 1,000 a day) have the chance of becoming the next webisode. Real Craigslist users are followed from the very beginning, when they post their ad and throughout their entire journey.”

So, basically if you are zany or memorable enough and you opt in, you have your chance of 15 minutes of fame. The episodes are more riveting than I would have thought. For example, when the LAPD began arresting all of the ‘actors’ and ‘actresses’ who dress in various hollywood costumes outside of the Kodak theatre, Craigslist TV did a documentary about the scuffle when “Superman” used Craigslist to rally his other masked friends to find out how they could fight back.

Basically its about as zany as you would expect from the internet’s message board. Check out some other episodes here.

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