These Gadget-Eating Ants Are Taking Over Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, And Florida

There’s a new epidemic growing in the southern part of the country: the tawny crazy ant. It’s originally from South America, but somehow found its way here and hasn’t stopped repopulating ever since. It’s know to be in four U.S. states so far (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida), but most likely has spread beyond that.

The crazy ant eats just about anything. In large colonies numbering into the thousands, it destroys just about anything it comes into contact with. From

The ant is now known in at least 21 counties in Texas and 20 in Florida, transported to all areas unwittingly by humans. While its bite isn’t known for stinging, it is highly invasive and has infested homes, RVs, computers, laptops, smartphones, and wildlife across the south.

Crazy, indeed.


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