Insane Kickstarter Success: The Pebble Watch Syncs With Your Smartphone

The Pebble, an incredible watch that works with your smart phone, has already

Simply beautiful

The apps, how easy it is to download apps, the clock faces, the watch itself… everything about the Pebble looks beautiful.

As you’d expect, the Pebble uses Bluetooth. I was hoping it would have Bluetooth 4.0, but 2.1 is good enough. The watch also utilizes a vibrating motor and accelerometer.

The Pebble is estimated to ship in September. You have a little over a month to pre-order one on Kickstarter.

The Pebble is compatible with iOS & Android. If you want a smart watch for your Blackberry, you can order the inPulse, which was created by the same team.

The watch also integrates with IFTTT , which lets you set up all sorts of notifications.

Smart watches aren’t new…

Smart watches are by no means a new thing. @mattbuchanan:

…but the Pebble looks promising

This is the most hype I’ve seen over a smart watch on Kickstarter. If the video didn’t convince you how awesome the watch is, maybe the $2 million behind the project can. The Pebble is one of the most quickly funded Kickstarter projects I’ve ever seen. It hit the $1 million mark after 28 hours.

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