Create personalized art from sound waves with Resonant Decor

One of the best ways to make a house a home is to add artwork that means something to you.  There’s a lot of ways to infuse some personality, but could there be anything more personal than a visual representation of a sound that is meaningful to you?  A company called Vapor Sky is creating artwork called Resonant Decor that allows you print on a canvas a snapshot of a soundwave of your choosing.

Creating your personalized artwork takes only three simple steps: 1) Using audio editing software, you capture and accurately display the sound you have selected. 2) Create the image by using the snapshot of the waveform and add vivid colors, and 3) print on high quality canvas, stretch to fit the frame, and ship.  Easy!

You can choose whatever sound is meaningful to you, whether it be nature sounds, a snippet of your favorite song, your significant other laughing, or a fetal heartbeat, Resonant Decor allows you to create unique artwork that is completely personal, 100% unique, and a guaranteed conversation starter.

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