Creepily Accurate Steve Jobs Figurine Announced for Preorder

Apple fans have made a number of unofficial toys in honor of their favorite fruit company, with founder Steve Jobs being the most popular. As would be expected, Apple has frowned upon all of them. Apple’s distaste for the bobble heads and action figures has resulted in a strange grey-market niche where a small company will announce a product, only to receive legal threats from Apple before shutting things down.

DiD Corp has decided to have it’s turn dancing with the Apple legal team by announcing this incredibly creepy, but very accurate action figure of the late Apple founder for $99.99 that will ship in February if Apple hasn’t run them out of town first.

The action figure is being billed as an honor to “the American icon and great visionary Steve Jobs”, and is a 1:6 scale of Jobs himself. It features the iconic black turtleneck, blue jeans, and New Balance shoes that Jobs was known to wear.

One popular limited edition figurine is for sale on eBay for $299, while another Steve Jobs nesting doll is currently listed at $45.

As of time of this writing, the website is down. However, if the site returns, preorders for the creepy Steve Jobs action figure can be placed for $99 for February


Source: The Verge

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