Crowd Mug: Take Pictures And Make Money

No, this isn’t a flash mob for muggers. Hopefully they don’t ever make an app for that.

Get a live view of a place

This app does something more useful. Crowd mug lets you get a live preview of what a place looks like. The app lets you name the place, the price, and if you want photos or a video.

Get paid to share your view of the place

Other crowd muggers in the area make money by sending you photos. Doesn’t that sound great?

Crowd mug’s video says you can use the app to see how crowded a bar is, or what features a hotel conference room offers.

Would you pay someone to snap photos for you?

As I watched the video about Crowd mug, I wondered if I would ever have use for this, and how much the service would be worth to me.

If you think about it a lot of people could use this. Instead of spending half an hour or more driving around checking out where you want to go, you can have somebody who’s already nearby snap a quick photo or video and send it to you.

What’d I’d use it for…

If you’re planning to camp out to get an iPhone 5, you can send out a request for someone to take a picture of the front of your nearest Apple store. Somebody near that Apple store can then make a quick buck by sending you a picture that will show you how long the line is at the Apple Store.

Maybe this will help you get your hands on an iPhone 4S. There are already reports of iPhone 4S campers setting up all over the world, including England, so you might want to keep tabs on these things.

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