CTIA B!g Idea Contest in full swing (cast your vote today)

CTIA is a little more than a month away and with it will come some great new products and hopefully a surprise or two. That doesn’t mean that we have to wait for all of the innovation to come then however. In the meantime, the organization has put together “The B!g Idea Contest,” where individuals and companies have entered what they feel is the next “big idea” in wireless technology. The contest is popular vote based and finalists will get to present their innovations in front of a live audience at the show where a winner will be decided. The entries can be found at their website and there definitely isn’t a lack of some great ideas. Now lets put full disclosure up front, I currently work for the first applicant, HzO, so of course I want you to vote for them, however I do believe they are all good ideas and hope that you consider each one and vote for those that you feel are game changers. Below are a few of my favorites:

HzO WaterBlock™

HzO is showcasing their WaterBlock™ technology which promises to protect your handheld devices from submersion in water, not just splashes. This is all done without a case, but involves the inside of the phone being coated and protected from moisture. Check out some of the demonstrations on their YouTube page to see for yourself. You can vote for HzO and their WaterBlock™ technology here.

Missing Link

In the same vein of protecting your gadgets, but this time from misplacement, comes Missing Link. This innovative company is seeking to establish their product as a standard for mobile phone locating by putting a Missing Link seal on your device. In the event that your device is misplaced, the public or law enforcement can scan the seal and contact you directly via their website to ensure the device is restored directly to you. You can vote for Missing Link here.

Cobra Tag™ G5

Cobra Electronics, who you may be familiar with for their popular radar detectors and other accessories has entered with a great gadget that promises to keep you and your often misplaced keys together. The Cobra Tag™ G5 is a keychain that will alert you via your smartphone when it and your keys are separated. Using low power bluetooth 4.0, the device promises 6 months between charges, leaving it a very minimal upkeep device. You can vote for the The Cobra Tag™ G5 here.

eRecyclingCorps Mobile Renewal Platform

Just how long can a smartphone really last? Well, eRecyclingCorps thinks much longer than your two year contract. Their initiative, the Mobile Renewal Platform will incentivize users who are discarding their old cellphone to pass it on to them to have it recertified and sold to carriers in developing countries. A definitely promising idea to cut down on consumer electronic waste and a seeming win-win for all involved. You can vote for the Mobile Renewal Platform here.

These are just a few of the entries but look them all over yourself and vote for which you feel truly is the next “big idea.” You can vote for as many as you want, and although they ask for your email address, they will not keep it and spam you. Check out all the entries and vote here.