Cubby vs. Dropbox and the dozens of other cloud storage services

Cubby is LogMeIn’s new cloud storage & sync service, which is currently available by invite only.

There are dozens of cloud storage services. AData, DropBox, insync,… even Sony is launching its own cloud service called “PlayMemories”. How is Cubby different?

Unlimited syncing

Cubby lets you sync an unlimited number of files and folders between computers.

This means you don’t ever have to delete files to make room for other files (unless your computer’s hard drive doesn’t have space).

Share whatever folders you want

Cubby shares whatever folders you want. Just click and drag them into the cubby app, and it will share them. You don’t have to keep them in a special folder like you do with Dropbox.

Customizable sharing

It’s really easy to customize how each folder is shared. Share folders with only certain computers, other people, or get a public link for the folder.

Cubby: another cloud service, but it’s a good one

Other cloud services offer similar functionality, but I recommend giving Cubby a shot. It works more smoothly than any other computer syncing service I’ve tried, and offers unlimited syncing.

For online file backup, I recommend BackBlaze. It’s incredibly simple & efficient, and it’s unlimited.

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