Curved mouse concept wants to make it easy to carry around a mouse with a laptop

For many users the trackpad simply isn’t an option. I have friends that will only use the mouse. The difficulty is carrying around the mouse with your laptop. The idea of the Clip Mouse is then born.

Design Competition

In a design competition by Lite-On this was created by Frank Guo. The mouse is made of a curved material that can be clipped to the edge of the laptop so that it can be carried by one hand.

The shape

Guo envisions a C-shaped mouse that would be easy to grip and control, offering a touch-based scroll and button capability. The bottom of the mouse would be flat, so it could glide around on a desktop or other even surface, while the inside would be made of a ribbed rubber material, making it safe and easy to clip around your other gadgets.

The design is based on shape and materials. Right now, the idea is nothing more than a concept. If you love using a mouse, then we can hope together that this comes to fruition.

Source: Technabob

Joshua Howland

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