Customer Letter: ZAGGfolio Protects iPad From Wicked Road Rash And Tire Tread (True Story)

My seven year old, when getting out of the car this morning, manages to knock my soft sided leather “grip” onto the running board of my Jeep unbeknownst to me. I leave the school merging on to Cantrell Road, one of the main roads into downtown Little Rock. A car in front of me stops suddenly, and I brake, but hear a thump under my Jeep, and feel a bump as I run over something.

I look in the rear-view and see some black “trash” in the road. Another car hits it, and swerves to the side, and I see the flap on my brief case fly open (it’s styled like a messenger bag). I then realize IT’S MY BRIEF CASE!!!!

I turn and see another car hit it too–contents are flying everywhere. I turn and make the two blocks to get back “upstream” of the case where I can block the road and pick up the case and contents. (God only knows how many cars hit it in that time, it’s bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic.) I get everything picked up, including my iPad—laying on the road that I personally witnessed being run over three times (including, once by me). My brief case looks like it has been run over multiple times. My checkbook is torn up. My papers are torn, stained and ripped up. My cell phone/pens/anything breakable inside was crushed.

My iPad works flawlessly—with only minor bending on the sliver trim along the place where you plug in the charger. Your ZAGGfolio protective case saved it. Frankly, I don’t see how that is possible, but it did save the iPad. I am sorry to bother you as the CEO of your company, but I had to pass this along.

John T. Holleman

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