This Dad Paid his Daughter $200 Bucks to Quit Facebook

If you’ve found yourself (or your kids) too addicted to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, this story may interest you. One father agreed to pay his 14-year old daughter $200 bucks to deactivate her Facebook account for 6 months. The monetary incentive only applies if she keeps up her end of the deal, since he’s paying out $150 of it at the end of the 6 month period.

The Daily Dot reports that it was actually the girl’s idea. Reportedly, she wants to focus on school and earning money, and Facebook is just a distraction for her. Smart kid!

How much would it take to break your addiction to social network sites? Could you live without tweeting or posting status updates on Facebook for 6 months? Since I obviously can’t, let me know on Twitter: @mbchp or chime in on this Facebook post.


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