Daft Punk replica helmet for sale, electronic music fans drool

Let’s agree on something: For fans of electronic music, Daft Punk are like The Beatles, or The Rolling Stones. The French duo is among the best of breed of the electronic genre.

Known worldwide in part because of the masks/helmets the duo hide behind during performances, the music of Daft Punk has littered film soundtracks, been sampled by other artists, and has just found its way into many elements of mainstream life.

Superfans of Daft Punk can now get a piece (well, a replica piece) of the DJ’s in their homes thanks to an Etsy sale that is likely to have fans of the group (which I think assuming gadget lovers overlapping Daft Punk’s target demographic is a safe bet) drooling with “want.”

The helmet is actually wearable (if you have a head smaller than a 7 3/4 hat size), is made of urethane plastic, has a visor that you can see through, and four LED lights that flash. According to the Etsy store selling the four available helmets, the finish on the piece is gold chrome, and there is padding on the inside of the helmet so that it feels comfortable on your noggin.

The cost to get a Daft Punk helmet of your own? Just $1,400. At that price point, it’s likely only going to entice mega-fans of the DJ’s, but it is kind of nice to think about what you could do when donning a helmet and going around the office making bad beat box sounds and annoying co-workers.

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