DailyBooth – The Next Big Thing?

DailyBooth is claims to be “one big conversation about your life, through pictures.” When you go to their website, you sign up and take a photo and start sharing through a live news feed. DailyBooth prides itself on connecting people to their friends in real-time through “the use of pictures, exciting blurbs, and conversation starting picture comments.”

DailyBooth is a team that is run by seven people and was founded and opened in February 2009 by Jon Wheatley and Ryan Amos. A few months later, in August of 2009, the site was reported to have 3 million unique visitors a month and their growth rate averaged around 35% each month!

Good news for this young company — investors think it has promise. Ignition Partners and Sequoia Capital has recently given DailyBooth $6 million total for the young company to continue its expansion and development.

DailyBooth understands that the teen market loves to show-off and share pictures of themselves and of their friends – and DailyBooth provides a way for them to do it. The two-year old company lets people share photos of their faces every day by “boothing.”

“We believe DailyBooth is uniquely positioned as a platform to harness the distribution and engagement potential of the front-facing camera,” says Ignition Partners’ Chris Howard, who will join the startup’s board of directors. “After using the site regularly, we see DailyBooth as a new form of social communication, and our firm is thrilled to be contributing to the growth of one of the web’s most interesting communities.”

If you guys love to be the “early adopter” type, than jump on the bandwagon and get on DailyBooth because the critics think it’s going to be the next big thing.

Source: mashable.com

Image Source: blog.toggle.com

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