You Can Get A 3rd Gen iPad For $299 At Select Target Stores

You love getting the best deal, but you don’t always have time to hunt and search high and low for them. Fear not: this post is here to help. As of today, February 13th, these are the best deals you’ll find on the following products.

iPad 16gb Wi-Fi-only (All 3rd Generation models w/ Retina Display)

Target has marked the 3rd-gen iPad down $100 bucks, making it a steal of a deal at only $299. The deal isn’t available online, so you’ll have to high-tail it into your local Target store and hope you made it before the rest of the bargain hunters. Use this link to check local availability. All other iPad 3 models and configurations have been marked down, as well.


Amazon has the best deal for the HTC Droid DNA: just $49 for new lines and $99 for upgrades — that’s up to $150 bucks less than Verizon sells it for directly. Use this link if you want the latest and greatest from HTC.

ZAGGsparq 2.0

Although I may be a little biased towards our products, I honestly don’t know how I’d live without my ZAGGsparq. The best deal right now is on the ZAGGsparq 2.0, which will give your iPhone a little less than 4 complete charges, from 0 to 100%. Use this link and save 20%, just because.


I’ve got a couple sources for you on this one. If you have a COSTCO nearby, you get the Droid RAZR MAXX HD, the car dock and a case for just $99 bucks. That’s an unheard of deal. Verizon sells the RAZR MAXX HD for $249 by itself, even on contract. If you don’t have a local COSTCO, the best price I’ve found it for is $99 for the phone by itself, which you can find on Amazon here. Still not a bad price, considering you can still add the car dock and a case for less than the $249 price at Verizon.

Nexus 7 (32gb model)

You’ll need a coupon code for this one, as Radio Shack has it listed for $249 (like everyone else). Once you’ve added it to your Cart, type in coupon code RARMINJ1320 (some users have said pasting it doesn’t work) and it’ll knock the price down to $229 and give you free shipping. That’s the lowest the 32gb Nexus 7 has sold for anytime, anywhere. Use this link to order it, and you can also choose free in-store pickup.

Nexus 4 (16gb model)

If you don’t mind re-upping your two-year contract, T-Mobile is offering the 16gb Nexus 4 for just $49 bucks until February 18th. Since the Google Play Store has been out of stock for months, this might be your best, and definitely your cheapest option. Here’s the link to the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile.


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