Deep iOS Facebook Integration along side the iPad 3 release?

So, iOS 5 Beta 3 was released last week, and the iPad rumor world was abuzz that there was evidence of the new iPad models.

The interesting part wasn’t that there were new model versions, but that thy had unique characteristics. Apparently, the listings describe new versions of the already existent iPad 2. An 8GB 3G and Wifi only model of the iPad 2 to be sold alongside a new line of iPad 3s, perhaps?

The more interesting noteworthy point in the beta version of the software was evidence of system-wide Facebook integration.

Deep integration with the social networking service allows users to quickly post Web links from Safari or pictures saved in the Photos application to Twitter. Presumably, future iOS integration with Facebook would offer similar functionality, making it easier for users to share information with their friends on the popular website.

Obviously, this is fresh news. iOS 5 launched with Twitter integration, and the rumor was that Apple was working with Facebook to get them integrated at the same time. It seems that unfortunately they never were able to seal the agreement.

System-wide Twitter integration was one of the most-touted features of iOS 5, which was publicly released last October. After its release, signups for Twitter grew by 25 percent.

I imagine that Facebook integration could be a very big deal for the contact list, and other services on the iPhone. I’m not a big Facebook user, but I can see this is a big move for Apple.

Source: AppleInsider

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