Delta starts check-in option to Facebook

You can now check-in for your Delta flights via Facebook. In the past year or so, Delta has expanded their check-in services to meet the growing prevalence of smart-phones users. The Facebook feature is a new step in their “easy to use” technology plan. Users can check in, print their boarding passes, view and share itineraries and check their sky-miles.

Delta is another of the countless companies who are targeting their efforts to Facebook integration. Being able to check in via Facebook doesn’t seem like it would be a huge benefit, but Delta has to keep up with the market. It may not be very useful, but having Facebook features seems to be increasingly necessary in today’s market.

This update just marks another way that Facebook is working its way into every aspect of daily life. The social networking site has emerged into one of the more pivotal platforms for business success. Delta and other companies have to expand their efforts to include a Facebook aspect, or risk being left behind their competitors who do.

What do you think, is the Facebook check-in really helpful or just necessary to compete in the market?

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