Developers Who Want To Create Apps For Google Glass Can Start By Watching This Video

If you are a developer who can’t wait to start creating apps for Google Glass, but want some information from Google as to how to interact with the API, the video below will be a great start for you.

The video, titled “Building New Experiences With Glass”, is from a March 11 event at SXSW where Google developer advocate Timothy Jordan discussed details of the API developers will use to develop for Google’s new wearable computing technology.

VentureBeat was among the first to note that Google published Jordan’s SXSW speech for the public to see.

The SXSW video comes on the heels of a January release Google made on Google Plus where a “developer update” was published, telling prospective Glass developers the first details of the Google Mirror API:

“It’s a cloud API that uses RESTful web services, so you should feel right at home if you’ve already developed for YouTube, Drive, or Google+,” the update read. “You can use any programming language that you prefer.”

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