Digital Homework Management Tools

Now that the new semester has just begun, what better way to start off the year then to learn from past mistakes and utilize all the digital help you can get through these managing programs.


This multidimential app allows students to plug their class lists and assignments into a monthly calendar and receive notifications based on when certain tasks are due. Some of the great features of this app include a note-taking device separated by class name and a backup feature, which allows you to transfer data to your computer for future use.


This website focuses on making personal digital flash cards and allows you to search for others’ flashcards by topic as well. It is free and easy to use. Once both sides of your flashcard have been filled in, you can add pictures and customize them however you want. In addition to flipping through each card with the click of a button, users are able to generate custom tests, games and printable material to help with continued studying.


This website provides allows students to order their textbooks at almost half the price through their iPad or tablet providers. It offers features such as highlighting text, annotating with sticky notes and a record function to take audio notes in class, as well as take photos and videos of lectures and chalkboard diagrams. It includes a “journal” which saves all highlighted and annotated material so it is all in one place. Some of Kno’s perks include 3D diagrams and a “quiz me” button that tests on portions in the textbook.


This tool is very useful for organizing your daily to-do lists and tasks to keep your life more stress free. You can sync this app from your computer to your iPad or iPhone so that you can conveniently organize your homework, exam schedules and social schedules wherever you may be. This app offers ways to break down your tasks into parts to help make your schedule flow and includes color-coding, priority levels and the ability to share tasks with others.

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