Discover Breaking News Stories Before It Trends

Trending topics on Twitter will tell you what’s being discussed in your city, state, or country, but in between #beliebers and #sports, there could be relevant #breakingnews happening that may not be on the Twittersphere’s radar just yet. And if it is, it’s too late for journalists to, well, break the story.

For the last several months, a company called Dataminr has been working in partnership with Twitter and CNN to create Dataminr for News—technology that helps discover the stories behind the tweets before they start trending. The program utilizes algorithms that take into account, among other things, tweets of a similar nature clustered in specific locations. Then, journalists are informed about this potential breaking news that’s happening in real time—before a trending topic appears.

Here’s a quick video that shows the tech in action:

If you want a more detailed explanation of the program’s components, check out the announcement of this new technology by Dataminr CEO Ted Bailey. It’s actually pretty interesting.

This technology will be for sale to newsrooms all over the world this year.

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